The Freedom Experience

$597 (plus VAT)

Course Overview

Change your clients relationship with fear and you’ll change their life forever and empower them to go after their dreams.

This year long programme will show you how to break the fears and worries your clients face on a daily basis. In the process, discover how to also break any of your own blocks so that you too can feel powerful, unbreakable and unstoppable.

Who is this for?

  • Anyone with a desire to quieten their mind/thinking
  • Anyone interested in Personal Development
  • Anyone who’s involved in coaching or interested in coaching
  • Anyone involved in sports who wants to enhance their sports performance
  • Anyone looking to be more relaxed and have a more positive outlook on life
  • Anyone looking at ways to help other people overcome personal challenges more easily
  • Anyone looking to transition or grow in the field of Leadership and Personal Development
  • Anyone seeking the ability to empower themselves and others to have more joy in their lives
  • Anyone looking for a part time income or new career that involves helping other people
  • Anyone in the people helping professions (e.g Doctors, Dentists, Midwives, HypnoBirthing practitioners, counsellors and more)

What’s Covered

When you sign up you’ll be able to attend the next weekly live trainings, or watch the replays.

In each session David will do one of three things…

  1. David will speak about fear from a new angle and share stories, wisdom and insights that will change your relationship with fear and risk (and even allow you to just copy what David says and share it with your own current and future clients)…
  2. You’ll watch David coach someone through their own fears live so you can get an “insiders look” into how an elite level coach changes someone’s life (and also benefit from what David shares with the coachee –  you also see how to apply the insights they have to your own life and fears)
  3. You’ll listen in as David chats with a special guest coach or expert in psychology about fear, risk and comfort and how they work with it with their own clients (David has contacts around the world in the coaching space who will blow your mind with their wisdom and experiences).

Sign up now to change your relationship with fear. Learn how to transform your clients relationship with fear.

$597 (plus VAT)