David Key Is Greatly Sought After Worldwide For His Ability To Transform People’s Lives With His Dynamic And Innovative Coaching Programmes

A leading teacher and practitioner of the revolutionary new paradigm known as The Three Principles, David was one of a select group of coaches to be personally mentored by Doctor George Pransky, the man who was famously described by English philosopher and writer Colin Wilson as “the greatest psychological mind of our time”.

The Principles – in David’s own words – have ‘turned conventional Freudian analysis on its head, sweeping away a century of misunderstandings about the way in which we human beings experience and process reality’.

The insights he has gained have transformed David’s life, both personally and professionally, and he now spends all his time taking the message to other trainers and coaches, to businesses and private individuals.

David was the very first ANLP Accredited Trainer in the world. He was personally invited by the President of the ABH, Dr. Tad James, to become an Internationally Accredited Master Trainer of Hypnosis. He was the recipient of the prestigious APCTC Outstanding Achievement Award, 2015 which was for his outstanding contribution to the coaching industry

David’s vision is simply to share his grounding in the Principles with anyone looking to transform their experience of life, irrespective of their presenting challenges. With that aim he has created a series of Online and Live Transformational Programmes that bring together all aspects of his many years’ experience of personal development.

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For All His Many Achievements, David’s True Passion Is To Enrich The Lives Of His Clients. Nothing Is More Rewarding To Him Than To See Them Transform Before His Eyes.