Beyond Mindfulness ECourse

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Course Overview

Why ‘Beyond Mindfulness’?

It’s easy to see how Mindfulness in all its forms has emerged as the accepted antidote to the pressures of our hectic 21st Century world. It often seems that we are under too much pressure to perform at optimum levels both in the workplace and at home, and consequently many of us nowadays are suffering unprecedented levels of stress and emotional turmoil. It’s little wonder then that the tried and tested methods of relaxing the body and quietening the mind – techniques that were once seen as belonging mostly to the spiritual, religious side of life – are now becoming firmly established. Meditation, yoga and hypnotherapy all have their part to play. Mindfulness is even starting to be practised in schools these days as a useful tool of teaching, and this can only be a good thing.

While this feeling of relentless pressure is in my view an illusion, an ‘outside-in’ phenomenon created purely from our thoughts, (and our thinking about those thoughts), it can seem very real, so Mindfulness, which aims to reverse the headlong acceleration of modern life, must surely be welcome.

Except that there is a problem…

Simply put, any method or technique for achieving the desired outcome (peace of mind, happiness) must naturally be practised daily. Each of us is expected to cultivate very good habits if we want to maintain this higher level of consciousness. And being human if we slip behind with our programme we can very quickly lose the good feeling and start to beat ourselves up about that. Result: more stress, not less.

If we really want to be free of stress and crippling self-doubt we need to look at the underlying truth of our human experience, the truth lying behind (and beyond) these techniques. That’s why I’ve developed this online course, to explain and hopefully communicate my ‘inside-out’ philosophy.

‘Beyond Mindfulness’ offers no techniques, instead it focuses on the principles that govern how we humans perceive and process reality. It requires no self-discipline and is the true antidote to the ‘No Pain No Gain’ approach at the heart of most personal development.

It seems that just hearing and understanding this truth is enough to bring about amazing results: greater self confidence, better relationships, freedom from fears and phobias, and an overall increase in wellbeing, physically, mentally and spiritually.

What’s Covered

  • The Underlying Principles behind all change work.
  • A fundamental misunderstanding about Human Experience.
  • The Limitations of Mindfulness.
  • The Prime Directive of the Unconscious Mind.
  • A new understanding in Psychology.
  • The True Nature of Thought.
  • The Value of Metaphor.
  • The Legacy of Freudian Psychology.
  • The Myth of Stress.
  • Models versus Truth.
  • The Value of ‘Unlearning’.
  • Managing Unresourceful States.
  • Effortless Motivation.
  • How to Deal with Past Trauma.
  • How to Overcome Fears and Phobias.
  • The Meaning of ‘Being Present’.
  • The Key to Realising long-held Dreams and Ambitions.
  • The Secret of healthy, happy Relationships.

$799 (plus VAT)